My Approach

Wholistic Approach

It is important to me to find the source of the issue and address that, along with the symptoms. Looking at the whole body and the way it has been compensating over the years, allows me to address everything and return you to a pain free life.



A female patient in her late 20's, came to me with severe abdominal pain that had been occuring for several years. As a result, she had had a few exploratory surgeries, was on a plethora of medications and couldn't walk or function without a cane or the meds. I took the time to explore her health history and discovered she had fallen on her knee a few months before the pain started. My assessment confirmed that the knee was where we should start treatment. After our initial treatment, she came back reporting that she had not needed to use her cane to walk, and her pain was significantly reduced.








I combine my anatomical knowledge, my experience, my intuition and your symptoms to assess and treat more affectively. Also, it helps me to help you be more empowered and take charge of your treatment and healing.




A male patient came in complaining of leg and calf pain. I treated his hip flexors and diaphragm and his leg pain subsided. We talked about the importance of proper breathing, and with a few helpful exercises, he was able to maintain what the treatment had provided him.





My patients care is my top priority. This is the driving force behind my treatments, to return them to be health or wellbeing. I want my patients to be at their best so they can live their lives with there own passions.



A female patient in her mid 70's came to me with mid back pain. In her interview and assessment she divulged that she had had a double mastectomy which limited her ability to move her arms. After just two treatments, she had regained her full range of motion on both arms and her pain was halved.