Massage therapy can be life-changing. I have worked with an extensive range of patients to treat acute and chronic problems, helping to improve their lives through pain reduction, increased mobility and deep healing of old wounds.

The following are my clients’ experiences in their own words:

“I have been regularly seeing Maegan Chase for several years now to treat scar tissue from multiple surgeries, including a liver transplant. I can’t really describe what Maegan does except to say it’s magic for my body. I feel better, I can move better, and best of all, I directly see my blood work improve after her treatments. Maegan is an integral part of my health care team that keeps me healthy and functional to best enjoy my bonus time.”

Laura Bradbury

“I came to Maegan for help dealing with ongoing concussion symptoms from a car accident a couple years prior, and she’s helped me so much in my recovery thus far. I was experiencing daily headaches and body pain, among other symptoms, and throughout the course of treatment I noticed that I began sleeping better, I had less intense headaches less frequently, and overall I just started to feel better. Now, when the symptoms begin to flare up, I know that a visit with her will help calm things down again. She always greets me with a kind smile, and creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere every time I see her. Thanks Maegan!”


“After years of post-surgery shoulder discomfort including a lack in my range of motion and spasms, it was recommended I see Maegan for scar tissue work. Her scar tissue work has improved my shoulder significantly. I can now do things I wasn’t able to before without my shoulder spasming. She has magic hands and I can’t say enough about her ability to heal the body!”


“I’ve received fascial, visceral and scar tissue work from Maegan related to a series of previous surgeries. She is knowledgeable, clear and compassionate, and her work is a beautiful blend of science and intuition. I have less pain, more functional motion and an increased sense of internal freedom. I feel lucky to have been referred to her.”

Misha Butot BEd, MSW hospice counsellor & yoga teacher

“Maegan is just amazing. The fascial work she does is gentle enough that I can handle it with my chronic pain, but effective enough that it makes a real, tangible difference in my pain levels and day to day mobility. Best of all, she really listens to me, and is super supportive and caring. I can’t say enough good things about her!”

Kate D., Veterinary Technician

“Scars from three past surgeries interfered with normal daily activities and movements, often resulting in pain. Different treatments had helped, but the one that restored my range of motion and posture was through the myofascial and scar tissue release techniques Maegan provided. Maegan, I didn’t think more could be done after all this time and am so grateful to you!”

Deb K.

“I started seeing Maegan for scar tissue release after my breast cancer surgery, chemo and radiation. Her technique and approach has helped me to get back my range of motion in my right arm and shoulder. Also, it has released some of the tightness I feel around my scars and helped maintained that decreased pulling. She is always mindful of my Lymphedema in my arm and hand, which her treatment plan has helped me with as well. Thank you Maegan!”

Allison Sweet, RN

“I am very grateful to Maegan for her part in my healing process. She inspires a feeling of safety where deep healing can happen. Maegan has I believe, specialized skills and intuitiveness. This combined with her attentiveness and thoughtful care result in very effective and healing treatments. The scar tissue work in particular has been so amazing for relieving pain and increasing mobility. Would love to see her every week!”

Zella J.

“I think Maegan is respectful and calm. She asks for permission before she starts and I like that. She is a very good massage therapist and I would recommend her to anybody.”

Olivia, Age 10

“Maegan offers a professional and caring approach, effective treatment and a wide range of knowledge and experience. Over the past 7 years, Maegan’s regular cranialsacral treatments have greatly reduced my headache and migraine symptoms related to chronic illness. Her treatments have been an integral part of my recovery. Maegan provides thorough assessment, what to expect between treatment and at-home-care. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a client-centred, genuine and impactful practitioner. I don’t know what I would have done without her.”